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The Write Room Press is proud to be an independent nonfiction and academic press located in Burnaby, BC. We produce nonfiction and academic books for specialized to wide audiences, publishing manuscripts that most often challenge and provoke readers to think rather than simply read. Varying from traditional publishers, The Write Room Press enjoys collaborating closely with authors to produce and market their books. We work with authors to finalize text, design the cover and layout, and promote books we prize as affordable and beautiful. With a small troupe of dedicated, knowledgeable, and talented staff, our team is able to lend expertise and support in the sometimes tricky publishing field.

BigSurAbout Gerda

Gerda holds an MA from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, and a PhD from Simon Fraser University and works with scholars all over the world. She also teaches seminars in academic writing and APA formatting, and works with and translates manuscripts in German, Dutch, and English. She has published some 50 chapters, books, columns, articles, and opinion pieces, and presented her work at international conferences. She previously worked as an editor for Elsevier, world-leading publisher of science and health, and served as an editorial board member for Room, Canada’s oldest feminist literary journal. In her free time she enjoys running and traveling with Gary, the new man in her life.


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