Author Spotlight

The Write Room Press welcomed our latest author to the family this month, and we’re very pleased to be working with her on her debut publication, Memory and the Aging Brain. To help us get to know Gail Roxburgh better, we asked a few questions about her work, her book, and a few extra things that we know make her the right author for the book.

TWRP: As can be gleaned from the title of your forthcoming book, Memory and the Aging Brain, you wrote a book about memory. Can you tell us why this was important for you and why it is so timely?

GAIL: I wrote a book about memory because one of the top fears among many of my fitness participants is that they will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease as they age. I thought it was important for people to know that memory loss is not an inevitable part of aging. As we age we do experience some changes in our brain, but I have explained in my book the primary differences between age-related memory loss and dementia such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

TWRP: What do you do when you are not writing about memory?

GAIL: I am a registered fitness instructor and a cognitive fitness facilitator. I teach a variety of fitness classes including aerobics, core and strength and balance classes. Many years ago I started two classes: one was called “Memory Games for Your Body Balance and Brain” and the other class is called “Exercise Your Brain”. These classes are designed for participants concerned about their memory or they may be in the early stages of dementia.

TWRP: When did your interest in memory begin?

GAIL: Approximately 9 years ago when one of my participants’ behaviour and memory started to change. I spent many hours researching about memory loss and I learned that what she was experiencing was a form of dementia. From that point on I became interested in developing programs and taking courses on cognitive fitness. I started combining physical fitness and brain fitness together in one class. The participants and I have benefited from the physical, mental and social aspects of the program.

TWRP: What do you look forward to in working with The Write Room Press?

GAIL: I am looking forward to seeing my book completed and I know The Write Room Press will do a great job. I appreciate the wonderful job Gerda Wever did when she edited my book.

TWRP: Your book is scheduled for completion in August. That’s a very short timeline, but there is a good reason. Can you tell us about it?

GAIL: The reason I would like my book published in August is I would like to promote it at the BC 55+ Summer Games in North Vancouver. There will be guests and participants from all areas of the province, so it will be great time and place to introduce my book.

TWRP: If you knew you could hold on to one childhood memory forever, what would it be?

GAIL: The fun we had as kids at the PNE. I still remember the sights, sounds and the smells. Actually, I still enjoy going there!

Memory and the Aging Brain will be released at the end of August. Click here to buy and for more information.