Working on the Road


In the spring of 2018 I bought a small camper. Then I adopted Gary to go with it. (as much as I like to think of myself as a tough chick, I am nervous at night being in the RV alone. Gary is a shitty guard dog, he loves everyone and he does not bark either, but I feel safe with him in it). We start (officially, unofficially it’s happened already) driving soon, without much of a plan. The beauty of being an editor is that you can work anywhere. We are starting out in Canada for sure but going south as fall and winter approach is all I got for now. Probably Nevada, Arizona… Gary came from a Nevada desert and is cold up here in Canada (June is exceptionally cold right now, and Gary can only handle these temperatures with a jacket on. With his chequered coat on he is the wimpiest looking Pitbull in the Lower Mainland), so we will definitely go down south to the heat that he misses so much. We are packing up, going (even more) minimalist, and we are getting the RV ready. First action item: Gary proofing the RV.


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